International High School Youth Exchange

International High School Youth Exchange

Program Introduction

Our Reflections Story...

REFLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. , was founded in 1996 by Hartmut Weithe. A native of Germany himself, his goal was to enrich the lives of high school students from Germany through the international high school exchange program. Hartmut’s vision would bring them to his adopted home of Wisconsin. His knowledge of European culture and life in Wisconsin was the perfect combination to provide a personalized student exchange experience for countless German and Swiss students over the years.

After 21 years of dedication to Reflections International, Hartmut was ready to enjoy the golden years of retirement. Hartmut chose Calla Kuehl and Chris Van Alstine to proudly carry on the Reflections International tradition. With over 25 years’ experience in student exchange we are dedicated to personally guide students and families through their exchange experience.

Our connections to many friends around the world, has also opened the doors to high school students from other countries in addition to Germany and Switzerland. Visiting schools around Europe and participating in their education fairs, we have had the opportunity to meet many exceptional students…the future students of Reflections International, Inc. and cherished new members of their host families.

Personal experience has shown us that this program offers the opportunity to enrich the lives of everyone involved: the students, their families, host families, schools, and community. We enjoy working one on one to ensure a rewarding, cross-cultural learning experience for everyone.

This program is our small contribution to bringing people from around the globe together for better understanding and appreciation of one another, so we can learn to live together peacefully.

We are excited to share our Wisconsin culture with our students!


Calla Kuehl

Reflections International, Inc.

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