International High School Youth Exchange

International High School Youth Exchange

When The Students Arrive

The students will arrive in August, flying in from Europe to Chicago, Illinois. Representatives of REFLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL will meet them at O'Hare Airport in Chicago and bring them to Wisconsin.

The following day we have an orientation meeting with all hosts and students together in a central location, when you will meet your student for the first time. After the orientation is over it is time for you to take your German or Swiss son or daughter home.

In the year to come we will contact you at least once a month to ensure that things are going smoothly. Of course, we are here for you all the time, and you can contact us any time you feel that is necessary, to straighten out a difficult situation, or just to have a chat.

REFLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL will organize several trips during the course of the school year, which are not mandatory, but give the students an opportunity to do some sightseeing and to meet with fellow exchange students. For some of these events it may be possible for your natural son or daughter to participate also, if they wish to do so. These events will be announced well ahead of time so you can plan around them.

We hope we have given you a pretty good idea of what the REFLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL Exchange Student Program is all about. We hope to welcome you aboard soon.

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